Frequently Asked Questions

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Do my personal data remain confidential?

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, the personal data that you communicate to us are processed and stored under conditions aimed at ensuring the security of information.

Why you should Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is one of the internet's trending social platforms with over one billion users, and that number is growing all the time. GoldenFamous gives you the opportunity to show the world the unique moments captured by your camera. The advantage of having a fairly large number of followers on Instagram is that it will give you more credibility, a credible reputation and obviously make you much more popular. By buying followers, you will give yourself a much wider reach on Instagram that will attract many more people. This is one of the main reasons many people choose to buy Instagram followers. Followers will increase the visibility of your profile and help attract more visitors.

  • Improve your Business credibility
  • Become more visible
  • Give a positive image of your product and / or yourself
  • Get attention

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Do I have to give you my password to receive followers?

No never. Your password is confidential. We only need your Instagram username, the link to the post, or a link to your Youtube channel. This is the only information we can ask you for. Your privacy is thus preserved and there is no risk of hacking.

Can I put my profile private?

No, not for the duration of our deliveries, you should know that the private mode can block our subscriber delivery system. In addition, if you are in private, we will no longer have access to your posts and we will not be able to send likes. It is therefore necessary to put your account in public to be able to order on our store.

What Payment Methods are accepted?

Our system uses PayPal to process transactions and accepts payment through your PayPal balance or through the credit/debit card linked to your PayPal account.